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About Us

Our Mission

The mission of the BIG Vision Foundation is to:

  • develop today’s youth into tomorrow’s leaders through sports and community service;
  • promote volunteerism and giving back; and
  • drive our local economy.

Our Vision

We impact millions of people, every year, through sports and community service, and we, as a premier sports destination, are a major economic driver in our community.

About US

By utilizing the three distinct pillars of our organization, we intend to build on the limitless nature of human potential by providing the opportunity to interact using sports, culture, and community service. Our goal is that our programs will unify our community through encouraging positive behavior and reinforcing life and leadership skills.

Through our youth programs, we develop individuals who desire to give back to their communities through serving others. Additionally, we strengthen their capacity building and decision-making skills.


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What started out as a few buddies from high school trying to hang on to their glory days grew into something much bigger and more impactful than any of them could have ever imagined. As this group of young men grew and matured, they began to understand that the knowledge that someone older than them had passed on to them could not stop there. That shared knowledge, along with their own life lessons learned had to be passed down to our next generation. It was the circle of life.

They understood that the only significance in one's life is its impact on those other lives that surround us. Although baseball was always the common bond among this band of brothers, they understood that this impact was much bigger than the game of baseball. This impact was touching the lives of children, touching our own future. It was BIG and could be much bigger. It turned into feeding the homeless, sending equipment to those who could not afford it, raising money for breast cancer survivors, our veterans, and kids struggling to understand why they had no hair.

It wasn't just baseball, it was life. It was always going to be the roots of BERKSHIRE, but it was also being INNOVATIVE in finding ways to best utilize their own God given talents in order to create community GROWTH and build a VISION for a better future. Most of all, it was being crazy enough to think that by transforming Berkshire Baseball into the BIG Vision Foundation, will…actually change the world around us for the better, even if it is just one kid at a time…

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