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Tournament Vendors

Our Vendors

Please visit our vendors during the tournament weekend.  We offer tournament apparel, sports equipment, and refreshments.  Vendors are located on "Dick Gernert Way," which is nestled between Kurowski Field and Charlie Wagner Field.

Visit the Rawlings Booth!!!

Tournament shirts come in a variety of colors and designs.  They're all customizable too!

On site each weekend in 2019!

Vendors Welcome

We're always looking for vendors to offer new & great products during our tournament weekends.  Our events are a unique opportunity for businesses to get brand exposure & sales and our fans simply love it!


- Vendor Tent / Table Display: $200 for entire weekend (please bring your own tent/table)

- Contact David Poland for discounts for multiple dates

David Poland

Sales & Relationship Manager

Phone: 484-577-4133 x102

Refreshing Shaved Ice Offered at our Tournaments

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