Welcome to another year with the BIG Vision Sports Complex as one of your athletic fields hosts. 

Baseball/softball and multi-purpose fields will be made available as of April 1, 2018 (weather permitting).  Due to excessive play throughout the year some of the multi-purpose fields may need to be closed periodically throughout the year for rest and repair.

All fields will be closed after November 18th, 2018.  Agronomic practices such as seeding, aerifying, verticutting, topdressing and fertilizing must be performed before the winter months.  These efforts prove to be vital as the use of our fields continues to increase each year. 

It should be understood that all events are subject to both weather and field conditions.  In the event that we need to cancel and re-schedule your event, we will give you as much notice as possible.  If any organization needs to cancel for any reason other than the weather (overbooking), you must notify the BIG Vision Foundation (14) fourteen days prior or you will be billed 50% of the booking.  This has become a problem with teams reserving fields they do not need and then do not want to pay.  Other teams can use the fields so please avoid overbooking. 

It is the reservation coordinator’s responsibility to know and abide by the park’s rules and regulations prior to arriving at the facility. 

We need 4 forms returned from your packet please sign the 1) Facility Reservation Request; 2) annual release of liability form.  Upon return, make sure to include your 3) insurance policy naming the BIG Vision Foundation & the County of Berks as being an "additional insured".   Also please be sure to sign and return your 4) rules and regulations.  (We cannot schedule any events for you until we have these four documents signed and returned.)

Please click on the link below to access the entire Use of Facilities Packet.